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Worth Hearing Center Mission: Provide expert, conscientious and comprehensive audiology care in order to empower individuals to fully engage in life.

The professional team at Worth Hearing Center consists of 4 audiologists with a variety of specialties including pediatrics, tinnitus, and dizziness. Our goal is to provide each individual with the best hearing they can achieve. Because we work with a variety of manufacturers, we spend over 50 hours each year attending training sessions so that we are able to provide the best solutions available for each individual’s needs.

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What to expect during an evaluation

A diagnostic audiologic evaluation consists of a number of components. A careful case history will be taken in order to determine what hearing concerns exist, as well as any related symptoms. Questions are asked to explore possible causes of hearing issues by gathering information about past medical conditions of the ear, exposure to loud noise, any health problems, medication that is taken and family history of hearing problems. After a history is obtained, an examination of the outer ear is made using an otoscope. Hearing is then tested in a sound booth by presenting various tones and pitches through earphones. A map of hearing for those tones is then made for each ear which helps determine the degree and type of hearing loss, should a loss exist. Speech tests are also used to determine the effect of a patient’s particular loss on understanding of speech. Tympanometry is a test that shows how well the eardrums are conducting sound, and will determine if there is any problem with the mechanical parts of the ear.

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