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Patient Testimonials

My sincere thanks for your truly professional approach and caring concern in providing me with the best advice any hard-of-hearing person could expect. In fact, even after my visit, I’ve experienced better hearing than I’ve had in a long time! I know that I’m in good hands now! Thank you so much!
Antonio for Worth Hearing Center
Ever since I got my hearing device, my life has changed 100%. When I take my hearing aid off, the madness [tinnitus] has decreased 90%. I feel sane again. I hear clearly, I sleep better, and I’m in a better mood all the time. I don’t know what took me so long to take the fishhooks out of my pockets; it is the best investment I have made in years. Why wait when you know you need it? Awesome job. Awesome service. I call and I need help, and you are right there for me. Thank you, Tinnitus Specialists of New Mexico. Thank you, Dr. Beauchamp!
Patrick B. for Tinnitus Specialists of New Mexico
Kevin L testimonialI love the hearing aids I received from Worth Hearing Center. It’s nice to be able to adjust the volume since I use them in loud crowds as well as in quiet settings. They are amazing and I seem to be adjusting well to the different sounds.
Kevin L. for Worth Hearing Center
Karen for Worth Hearing Center
annette testimonialMy hearing loss precluded me from participating fully in my activities. After Cathy listened to what my needs were and fit me with new hearing aids, I could talk on the phone, listen to music, and participate in class. I was able to function again in the world!
Annette for Worth Hearing Center
daniel testimonialI feel like I hear so well again after years of problems. I also appreciate the ongoing care provided at Worth Hearing.
Daniel for Worth Hearing Center
The service here is fantastic. You always do back flips for me!

Char for Worth Hearing Center
lila testimonialI attend a lot of meetings and have been unable to hear questions and comments. I felt very lost. After Worth Hearing Center checked my hearing and fitted me with my hearing aids, my hearing improved by 100%. It absolutely changed my life. Now I can hear compliments, discussions, and, most importantly, my friends. I feel very blessed.
Lila for Worth Hearing Center
I absolutely love my new hearing aids; I had no idea what I have been missing with the old hearing aids provided by the VA Hospital. I also must compliment the professional, charming and enthusiastic manner that Dr. Callie Beauchamp performed her job. After retiring from 25 years at the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, and having met so many doctors of all specialties, Dr. Beauchamp is one of a kind and I am very grateful that she was my Doctor of Audiology! Although I can get free treatment at the VA Hospital, I will stay with Dr. Beauchamp because I know I am getting superior care and treatment. Thank you so very much, you are the best of the best!

Thomas for Worth Hearing Center
Hearing aids have changed my life! As I gradually lost my hearing, I strained more and more to hear people. Finally I just got physically tired and stopped trying. It affected my performance at work and my personal relationships badly because it is rude to ignore people. That is exactly what I was doing. Thanks to the care of Worth Hearing my hearing aids gave me new life and energy. My performance at work increased and I was given more responsibilities with more pay. Friends and family, who were actually worried that I was losing my memory, now know I’m sharp as a tack. I am so glad that I got over what I thought would be the embarrassment of hearing aids when I was only 55 and have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. And the hearing aids of today are not your grandmother’s hearing aids. They are comfortable and easy to wear. Don’t waste any time, please. Get your hearing tested and get on with a rewarding life. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

Barbara for Worth Hearing Center
I was in Worth Hearing Center to see about the loss of hearing and pressure in my right ear, which they quickly determined was caused by an impaction. Your brief procedure with a curette and a few days on Debrox solved the problem and two months of misery was lifted, with my hearing 100% restored. Worth was quick to schedule my visit and the cost was very reasonable, a true benefit to one who is uninsured, and unemployed for over a year. Thank you so much for your timely and excellent service. I will recommend Worth to anyone I encounter with hearing or ear maladies.

Doug for Worth Hearing Center
For so long I would misunderstand certain words and thought what people would say sounded funny. I had forgotten what “clarity” was until I got my hearing aid. It was actually exciting to hear clearly when Catherine put the aid in my ear. Clarity is the key to hearing well. Our hearing is truly a gift!

Joyce for Worth Hearing Center
nancy testimonialWhat Dr. Callie Beauchamp did for me is amazing. I knew I wasn’t hearing as good as I should be. I didn’t realize how much I had been missing until Dr. Beauchamp fit me with the Oticon hearing aids. Suddenly I could hear little things that I had forgotten about. It had gotten to the point that when I was shopping I avoided talking to anyone. Now I feel comfortable talking to everyone. I can carry on conversations without having to say “what” and I don’t’ feel like I’m missing out. Thank God for my husband getting tired of repeating himself and finding Worth Hearing.
Nancy for Worth Hearing Center
You folks do a great job! My mother is having much less trouble following the plots of her favorite TV shows now. Early yesterday morning, for the first time in several years, she was able to hear one of the pair of hawks that live in our large cottonwoods call to its mate (as they have done early every morning for years). She heard them from indoors! I was so happy for her. She was missing out on so much before she got her new hearing aids. Thank you!

Marge for Worth Hearing Center