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Tinnitus Services

Our goal is to help our patients learn to manage their tinnitus, not just live with it. We provide a comprehensive array of services:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)
  • Hyperacusis Management
  • Hearing Aid Evaluations and Consultations
  • Tinnitus Devices

What to Expect

At Tinnitus Specialist of New Mexico we will concentrate on your unique set of needs. Each patient is different and will respond differently to treatment methods. We are committed to individualizing any recommendations to you. Our audiologists are members of Tinnitus Practitioners Association (TPA) and use the protocols set forth by the association as guidelines. This approach is unique and uses many different approaches from different programs to address each individual’s needs.

Initial Evaluation

The purpose of the initial evaluation is to determine the extent of your tinnitus problem in three specific areas:

  1. Reaction to tinnitus
  2. Hearing sensitivity
  3. Sound tolerance

We use a series of subjective and objective measurements to develop a comprehensive individualized treatment and/or referral plan.


Our audiologists will discuss the results of your testing with you. This will include reviewing subjective and objective measurements, as well as tinnitus education and counseling.


Our audiologists will consider all the information gathered about your tinnitus and your problems associated with the tinnitus to develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

Sounds of Tinnitus

Play or download the sounds created by the American Tinnitus Association and share with family, friends, primary physician, hearing specialist or anyone interested in learning more about how the condition affects people.

Please be careful and turn the volume down on your speakers or headphones before playing any of the 60-second long sounds featured on this page. All are extremely loud!

Hear the sounds of tinnitus