When it comes to choosing a hearing care provider, a comprehensive approach is key.  It is more than just technology, and much more than fitting a hearing aid into your ear.  Your treatment process depends on the balance of three important elements:

  1. Your unique listening and lifestyle needs
  2. Access to the most extraordinary technology and
  3. Your audiologist’s expertise.

What sets Worth Hearing Center apart from all others?  Our comprehensive approach to hearing health care.  At the heart of that approach is the strong relationship each audiologist creates with his or her patients. 

From the first contact to the treatment process and through every follow-up appointment, our hearing audiologists’ understanding of your individual needs drives our remarkable care, the highest quality technology, and the exceptional service you can count on every time.

Callie Beauchamp, Au.D.

Callie Beauchamp, Au.D.


Amanda Lopez, Au.D.

Amanda Lopez, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Cecilia M. Martinez, M.S., FAAA

Cecilia M. Martinez, M.S., FAAA


Welcome to Worth Hearing Center

At Worth Hearing Center, you’ll be seen by an audiologist.  Audiologists are a degreed medical professional with a doctoral degree (Au.D. or Ph.D.) in the field of audiology, who have extensive experience in the science of hearing loss. Their advanced degree covers all aspects of hearing health care, including the fitting of hearing aids.

At some hearing practices, patients are evaluated by a Hearing Instrument Specialist.  A hearing aid specialist has at most a two-year degree and has passed the state examination for dispensing hearing devices.

Worth Hearing Center’s audiologists will be your primary hearing health provider, assessing the reason for hearing loss and prescribing the device best suited for your hearing loss. Once that is prescribed, one of our hearing instrument specialists may fit your hearing instrument, under the supervision of your audiologist. 

You will have follow-up appointments with a Worth Hearing audiologist; our goal is helping you achieve the best hearing possible.

Hearing loss is frustrating; it takes on average, seven years for someone to reach out for help after they begin to notice changes in their hearing. One of our favorite responses is after the initial consultation appointment is complete, we have done the hearing evaluation, made recommendations and agreed on a treatment plan and we see a sigh of relief from the patient and they say “Wow, that was much easier than I had thought it would be.”  Let us help you make the best decision for your hearing health.  We understand your hope that a hearing aid will allow you to again participate in conversations, enjoy music, and take in the world around you. Our audiologists will work to find the best solution for your hearing loss, not just fit you with a hearing aid in an attempt to sell you a product and hope that it helps.


Worth Hearing Center

The professional team at Worth Hearing Center consists of 3 audiologists and 2 hearing instrument specialists; together, our professional staff has nearly 100 years of collective experience.  Our goal is to provide each individual with the best hearing they can achieve.  We’ve been locally owned and operated for 20 years, serving New Mexicans’ hearing needs!


Two Convenient Locations:


7520 Montgomery Blvd NE
Suite E-15
Albuquerque, NM
P: (505) 349-4928
F: (505) 872-1041

Rio Rancho

1350 Jackie Rd SE
Suite 103
Rio Rancho, NM
P: (505) 349-4928
F: (505) 872-1041