Treating a hearing loss will benefit your life in many ways, such as building stronger relationships with others to advancing your career, or discovering passions and making dreams come to life. For people born with hearing loss, achieving these milestones are a testament to the exceptional care and support of their audiologists, as well as the importance of continually investing in better hearing.

From Diagnosis to Acceptance

At a young age, Micah was diagnosed with Usher’s Syndrome Type 2A. That is a rare genetic mutation that causes mild to severe hearing loss as well as progressive loss of vision. Even though Micah’s still just a young man, he knows he is going blind from retinitis pigmentosa and remembers wearing hearing aids since he was very young.

Growing up with this diagnosis is not easy. “I came to know the difference between the other kids and me when they pushed me down, imitated my slurred speech, and laughed at me,” he says. “The idea that my impairment signified me as ‘wrong’ rang out in the silence of everything else.”

But with comprehensive hearing care at the hands of an empathic provider who truly understood the isolation and social difficulties sensory deprivation can cause, Micah’s condition became manageable.

“I know there is a world of sound because of my audiologist and her team who have been devoted to me for over 20 years. This is a team that fit me with the hearing aid, provided batteries, reminded me of appointments, cleaned my hearing aids, sent them off for repairs, and knew me as an individual. They’ve given me courage, confidence, and success. I owe them more than the world.”

From Acceptance to Success

Treating multidimensional sensory loss is not only challenging, it requires a dedicated hearing provider who is willing to work closely with their patient. In Micah’s case, this personal investment in helping him live with his unique diagnosis has allowed an isolated child to blossom into a dynamic and fearless person who faces challenges head-on.
“Having an pediatric audiologist as I was growing up empowered me to become who I wanted to be, and to experience the world as it should be,” he says. “Their input was so much more than the ‘cheapest available option,’ to help me hear. Amplification alone is not medical treatment. As my situation worsens, I will place my trust in those with the genuine interest in my situation and well-being. With their help, I have the confidence to rise to the challenges ahead.”

Micah credits his hearing care team with helping him develop the confidence and social skills necessary to pursue his passions and goals, which include music, poetry, and giving back to the hearing care community.

“I’ve been gifted with the passion to be a musician. With everything that I have been gifted, both in life and in loss, has driven me to give all that I can back to the industry that cares for me,” says Micah. “Today, I work hand in hand with private-practice hearing providers around the country to deliver the utmost to each and every patient.”

“Quite honestly, it took me 20 years to fully face up to my condition, look it in the eyes, and call it my own. It is my hope that my story will be a reminder of the importance of hearing health care and its value in people’s lives.”

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