Communication Guide

Patients with hearing loss may need their family members and friends to communicate intentionally so they can clearly understand what is being said around them. There are several communication strategies that family members and friends can take with a person with hearing loss to improve their hearing experience. Whether they are wearing hearing aids or not, how you talk to a patient with hearing loss can make a huge difference. Consider the following strategies:


  • Sit or stand 3 to 6 feet from the person to ensure they can hear you
  • Stay at eye level to clearly communicate visual clues to the conversation
  • Make sure you have the person’s attention before speaking
  • Use facial expressions and gestures
  • Speak slowly and clearly in short and simple sentences
  • Don’t be afraid to rephrase your words if the person did not appear to understand
  • Avoid speaking into the person’s ear. This can distort your words and hide visual clues

Worth Hearing Center

The professional team at Worth Hearing Center consists of 3 audiologists and 2 hearing instrument specialists; together, our professional staff has nearly 100 years of collective experience.  Our goal is to provide each individual with the best hearing they can achieve.  We’ve been locally owned and operated for 20 years, serving New Mexicans’ hearing needs!

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Rio Rancho

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