Hearing Loss

Do you hear people speak but have trouble understanding what they are saying?  You’re likely experiencing Sound Voids™, those moments of missed clarity that are common as hearing loss progresses.  We have the technology to determine exactly where you’re experiencing these voids and can help you reclaim the full spectrum of sound.

Whether hearing loss is gradual or sudden, it can negatively affect many areas of our life. While your hearing loss could just be caused by ear wax buildup, hearing impairment can be caused by age, extremely loud noise, ear infections, and can even be hereditary. Hearing loss can be treated in a variety of ways, with the goal of improving your quality of life through the way you hear. It all starts with a hearing test.

What is a Hearing Test?

Our hearing test helps determine the cause of your hearing loss. There are several tests which measure your ability to hear different frequencies, hear and understand conversations at various volumes. The hearing test usually lasts about 30 minutes and is painless. The results will be reported in an audiogram, which plots the loudness of the sounds you heard and where your gaps might be. Once your level of hearing loss is determined, one of our expert audiologists will consult with you on your results and go over any recommendations.

While not a diagnostic of your hearing loss, the following link will give you an indication of your hearing: Online Hearing Test

Hearing Centers in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho

Our experts at Worth Hearing Center provide the highest level of service in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas. We aim to improve your quality of life through comprehensive hearing tests and hearing loss solutions such as hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

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7520 Montgomery Blvd. NE Suite E-15
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Located on the southwest corner of Pennsylvania and Montgomery in the Penn-Mont Professional Plaza.

Rio Rancho

1350 Jackie Rd SE Suite 103
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Located just east of 528 and Southern behind the Smith’s.

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Worth Hearing Center

The professional team at Worth Hearing Center consists of 3 audiologists and 2 hearing instrument specialists; together, our professional staff has nearly 100 years of collective experience.  Our goal is to provide each individual with the best hearing they can achieve.  We’ve been locally owned and operated for 20 years, serving New Mexicans’ hearing needs!

Two Convenient Locations:


7520 Montgomery Blvd NE
Suite E-15
Albuquerque, NM
P: (505) 349-4928
F: (505) 872-1041

Rio Rancho

1350 Jackie Rd SE
Suite 103
Rio Rancho, NM
P: (505) 349-4928
F: (505) 872-1041