Clare Jacobs

Patient Care Coordinator

Values: Accountability, challenge, contributions, fairness, fun, honesty, improvement, achievement, determination, family, gratitude, kindness, growth, health, learning, optimism, persistence, teamwork, trust, playfulness, understanding, loyalty, passion, success, unity


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Banbury England, and came to America as a child.

I grew up in Los Lunas, NM!


Outside/ Hobbies/interests?

I love watching my son’s football games, watching my girls dance.

I love the outdoors hiking, camping, fishing, any outdoor adventure outside the city.

I also enjoy crafting when I have extra down time!


What motivates you to come to work every day?

My family is my biggest motivation, but I also having an awesome

Group of people to work with is everything.


Favorite food

Hmm that’s hard because I love all types of food!! If I had

To choose I’d say anything Mexican!


Favorite movie

A Walk To Remember!


Favorite book

All the twilight books! I can read them over and over Again!!