Sandy Sadler

Insurance Coordinator

When did you join WHC?: 03/11/2005
Values: Accountability, Understanding, Loyalty, Fairness, Generosity, Fun, Health, Success, Happiness, Honesty, Unity, Family, Trust, Love, Harmony, Kindness, and Respect.
Where did you grow up? Corpus Christi, Texas
Outside hobbies/interests? Crafting, lifelike doll collecting, and helping those in need.
What motivates you to come to work every day at WHC? My paycheck, LOL! I love my coworkers, they are like a second family. I love being a part of helping our patient’s with improving their quality of life.
Favorite patient story/situation? As I have said before, I love being a part of seeing patients who have difficulty hearing finally have a solution. For example, when we have given away free hearing devices to those in need for Hear for the Holidays, seeing their gratitude for what we have done for them that they could not do for themselves due to financial struggles.
Favorite food? Sushi and Mexican food.
Favorite movie? Wow, tough one. There are a ton of great movies, but the one that hits home the most with me because it expresses what kind of person I am would have to be the movie, “Pay it Forward.”
Favorite book? Holy Bible